Handmade boats and ships
from antiquity to now.
Wooden constructions with a range of dinghy.

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This site has been created to offer constructions of high quality and low cost. It addresses not only modelers but also individuals who are admirers of naval models, ships, dinghies and more, from historical time up until now.

By spending endless hours on this artistry, using knowledge of design and graphics along with the study of wooden ships from shipyards throughout Greece, we have reached a point where we can design and create our own collection of models (using research done on shipbuilding and historical background).

We have created a series of wooden ships - models form antiquity to now including: Orca (Antikythera shipwreck), Kyrenia ship, Bireme, Trireme, Corvette Byzantine,Greek fishing boat , three versions of an Early Minoan ship (based on mural designs), Santorini ship, Caique, three versions of a Dinghy and sailboats, Greek and foreign.

Our collection is being constantly enriched with new models.

Models , Materials and Packaging

All of our models are handmade in Greece.
Every model is unique and comes with authenticity papers.

Materials: Mahogany , maple , bubinga , wot , beech , ash , oak , veneering , copper and brass.

Dimensions: There are recommended dimensions for every model but you may order any model in the dimensions of your choice.

Packaging: Wooden and Plexiglas, safe with our brand name Neosoikos in pyrography.

We can construct any type of model on request.

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The place of the port,
covered with a roof,
where ships are
when they are out of the sea.


Handmade in Greece

created by ovvodesign