Handmade boats and ships
from antiquity to now.
Wooden constructions with a range of dinghy.



Code: 0012399

Dimensions: 25cm / 30cm / 37cm

Material: Oak tree, rosebush, beech rods.

Details: Kyrenia Ship It is a merchant ship, fifteen meters long which was first constructed in 389 BC. It was often found in the Kyrenia harbor as it was part of its journey, from the Agean islands to the Syrian sea and Palestine.

Around 288 BC, the ship transported 29 millstones and 380 amphorae with a cargo of 10,000 walnuts along with other goods. The crew consisted of four people. It set sail for its destination when it sand three miles from the harbor.

Kyrenia broad side
Kyrenia diagonal
Kyrenia third


The place of the port,
covered with a roof,
where ships are
when they are out of the sea.


Handmade in Greece

created by ovvodesign