Handmade boats and ships
from antiquity to now.
Wooden constructions with a range of dinghy.



Code: 0012368

Dimensions: 25cm / 84cm / 70cm

Material: Rosebush, oak tree, maple tree, walnut tree, beech rods.

Details: The Etoile is a French naval schooner and it has been used for educational purposes. It was first introduced on February 8, 1932. It is a copy of a fishing boat which was used until 1935 on the open seas of Ireland. It has a “brother” ship named the Belle Poule.

Both the Etoile and the Belle Poule joined the French forces during WWII. This is an act that they are still honored for with the French flag with the Lorraine Cross.

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The place of the port,
covered with a roof,
where ships are
when they are out of the sea.


Handmade in Greece

created by ovvodesign